Dataset: i.c.sens Visual-Inertial-LiDAR Dataset


The i.c.sens Visual-Inertial-LiDAR Dataset is a data set for the evaluation of dead reckoning or SLAM approaches in the context of mobile robotics. It consists of street-level monocular RGB camera images, a front-facing 180° point cloud, angular velocities, accelerations and an accurate ground truth trajectory. In total, we provide around 77 GB of data resulting from a 15 minutes drive, which is split into 8 rosbags of 2 minutes (10 GB) each. Besides, the intrinsic camera parameters and the extrinsic transformations between all sensor coordinate systems are given.

Research Data Repository of the Leibniz University Hannover
Raphael Voges
Raphael Voges
Doctor in Robotics

My research interests include error modeling, sensor fusion, SLAM, state estimation and AI in the context of autonomous driving.