MOBILISE – Mobility in Engineering and Science

My Role in this project

I was a Research Assistant collaborating with the other employees in the research project “Mobiler Mensch” (engl. mobile people). Then main question we dealt with is how future autonomous vehicles will change the mobility of us humans.

Motivation, objectives and perspectives

The research initiative “Mobilise” aims to lay the foundation for future research in the area of mobility. As part of “Mobilise” there are three different areas: “Digitization”, “Energy transition in aviation” and “Production and lightweight construction”. As these are broad fields of research, the idea of “Mobilize” is to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research. I was part of the research project “Mobiler Mensch (engl. mobile people): intelligent mobility in the balance of autonomy, intelligent networking and security”, which is part of the aforementioned “Digitization” aspect of the research initiative. In “Mobiler Mensch” we focused on people as users of mobility systems. Other aspects that were addressed include automated driving, intermodality, intelligent networking (big data, car-to-car communication) and the safety of vehicles and mobility systems.

Since future innovations require the cooperation between different disciplines, “Mobilise” places great emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation. Research activities are to be bundled to increase international visibility.

Raphael Voges
Raphael Voges
Doctor in Robotics

My research interests include error modeling, sensor fusion, SLAM, state estimation and AI in the context of autonomous driving.